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SOOOO this post (MY FIRST POST OMG) is about…..SCAMMERS. To me, scammers are really dumb, because it takes away the fun of fantage if you’re just stealing from other people and not actually taking the time to earn things. Also, it makes you a Fantage “criminal”, so everyone would avoid you!!!! The most famous scammer would probably be Angelwish12. She’s only on level what, 66? and has ALL these beta items. She’s known for scamming! xP

(I saw her in trade and sell a few times.)


I never traded with her before so I never got scammed.

However, today I was chatting with my friend when a member called Madison_Tyler was announcing to everyone that she was giving out a free bunny tee!!!! 😀 Naturally, I was like “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGM i want ittttttttttttttttttttt :OOOO” and she’s like okay, go on this Fantage blog.

SOOO I went on and she started a private chat with me. This is what she said.

omg 1

dummy 1

I was thinking HECK NOOOOO but I said politely, “I don’t really want to share my password to anyone.”

LOOKIEEEE D: read this way ———-> (from left to right! :D)

omg 1omg 2omg 3omg 4omg 5omg 6omg 7omg 8dummy 2           omg 9

SEEEE :O so then I searched “Madison_Tyler” on google and guess what…..there’s sooo many people saying she scams.

omg 13

 omg 10omg 11

yupppppp so then I just left. 😛 I’m still buddies with her but yeah…..

Just try not to fall for it guyz! It’s so fake how she said that premium members can’t earn coins……..I THINK THEY CAN D: oh well…. just watch out! There’s a lot of scamming these days…*LONG DRAMATIC SIGH*

byeeee guys!!!

~vivi ❤